Haj Slattery who is a club member of Lust for Life won parkrunner of the week. Haj is aged 39+ and has completed 21 parkruns in total. Haj’s favourite volunteer role at parkrun is timekeeping. Haj states that she knows it is not a race but it’s exhilarating to watch parkrunners give it their 110% on the final stretch.

Haj had walked numerous 10km charity walks in previous years however; Haj only took up running when she first joined parkrun. Haj found it quite intimidating at first as she had never been at the same starting line as professionals. Haj however reminded herself that she was completing the parkrun for the fun and for free therapy. After several parkruns Haj ran her first ever 10km without stopping. After receiving some encouragement from a few of the volunteer group members Haj hit another milestone and ran her first half marathon and all of this was thanks to parkrun Haj stated.

Haj said that she likes parkruns because obviously they are free, weekly and a timed event but what Haj mostly enjoys is far beyond that - it is the spirit, energy and support. Each week Haj said she leaves the parkrun on a high, whether she is running or working as a volunteer, the positive vibes are amazing. Haj’s funniest parkrun she recalls was when she was overtaken by a five year old.

Well done Haj and keep up the good work!