1. Running together is more fun than running on your own. It can be difficult to motivate yourself to run on your own, so grab a buddy and visit your local parkrun this weekend and socialise with the locals.


2. If you are planning on completing a longer event such as a marathon the parkrun is the perfect way to prepare for this. Why not motivate yourself to take on a challenge like this by increasing your distance each week at your local parkrun.


3. If you are considering entering a long distant event such as a Marathon why not set yourself a time goal. Even if you are a newbie, time goals are an excellent way to motivate yourself and calculate your progress.


4. There are even more parkruns to choose from! The new Listowel parkrun will take place in Co. Kerry this Saturday morning and the first Balbriggan junior parkrun takes place this Sunday morning at 9.30am. Now there are seven junior parkruns across Ireland, they are an excellent opportunity for all 4-14 year olds to enjoy exercising in a safe and enjoyable environment with friends.


5. You’ll earn your breakfast! The parkrun starts at 9.30am every Saturday morning which means it hardly encroaches on your weekend. The early, energetic start will set you up for your weekend ahead. You will have earned your post-run breakfast.