The six week Fit4all movement plan has been designed to facilitate people of all abilities to start exercising and being more active. This programme will help build confidence in your own exercise and movement ability by starting gradually at 10 minutes and working up to 35 minutes exercise sessions.


The aim of this movement programme is to support individuals of varying abilities to walk, run or roll the plan. Everyone is encouraged to get moving in your local gym, park or community.


Exercising and active movement can impact on your life and benefit your health, by not only improving your physical wellbeing but also your emotional and intellectual wellbeing.


The National Physical Activity Guidelines recommend that adults with disabilities should aim to meet the guidelines of 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity activity on five days of the week however; this may be adapted based on the individual’s ability.

So let’s get moving. The fit4all Movement Plan can be obtained through CARA by emailing Brenda O’Donnell at The plan will also be available to download from the CARA website.