Top Ten Tips

  1. Play with your child. Find activities you both enjoy, they will enjoy spending time with you.
  2. Be a role model. Children are five times more likely to be active if their parents are active.
  3. Get outdoors as much as possible - outdoor activity is really important for your child and they are more likely to repeat an activity if it takes places outdoors.
  4. Plan for activities such as going to the swimming pool or the playground.
  5. Organise get-togethers with other children - active play becomes easy when children gang up.
  6. Involve your child in household chores such as tidying up their toys, helping to put away the shopping and raking up leaves.
  7. When they are able allow them to walk places with you. Make the walks more interesting by talking about things and people you see, and playing games like I Spy!
  8. Choose 'active toys' for presents such as a ball, bat, scooter or kite.
  9. Limit the time spent watching TV or other devices. Although it can be educational, watching TV means sitting. Pick programmes that they really enjoy and turn off the TV between them.
  10. Make it fun!!!  

family on bikes family walking dog on beach    family flying a kite

dad girl gardening   boy in a tree 

I remember taking a photograph the first time my son discovered he could put his toes in his mouth and the look of pure amazement on his face. I was lying beside him on the bed while he was lying on his back touching and grabbing his feet. Then he brought up his tiny, little foot further towards his mouth and suddenly hey presto, he popped his toes into his mouth. His gummy smile spread across his face and his eyes lit up in sheer delight.

Peter, Donegal