Produced by Safefood, Bring Back Play introduces your kids to the games you played at their age is a great way for everyone to get exercise and have fun. Bring back play is an excellent resource with all the old favourites you can try.

Bring Back Play

Súgradh is a charity providing support and a national forum for the promotion of play opportunities for children in Ireland.


Early years - Guidelines for the under 5’s available for download. Produced by the British Heart Foundation.

British Heart Foundation

Get up and grow- Get up and Grow is a series of downloadable booklets and leaflets specifically written for early years managers, practitioners and families which give lots of information and ideas for promoting physical activity and health eating for early years. Developed by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing

Get up and grow

Active Start-Shape America -Guidelines and information for teachers, parents, caregivers, and health-care professionals who are interested in promoting physical activity for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Active Start USA

Start 4 Life and Play 4 Life This early years section of the Department of Health UK’s Change4Life campaign is aimed at healthcare and childcare professionals. Active play resources can be downloaded.

Change 4 life

My Kids Time is an online local listings directory for children's activities, classes, events & services. It also contains a discussion forum for a range of topics for parents from health & wellbeing to education.

My Kids Life

Ni 4 Kids aims to provide parents with useful information on education, health, parenting, entertainment and fun things to do for all the family, whether in the home or out and about around Northern Ireland.

NI 4 Kids

 Sport NZ (New Zealand) has developed a series of resources with ideas on how to get children under-five participating in movement experiences.

I remember taking a photograph the first time my son discovered he could put his toes in his mouth and the look of pure amazement on his face. I was lying beside him on the bed while he was lying on his back touching and grabbing his feet. Then he brought up his tiny, little foot further towards his mouth and suddenly hey presto, he popped his toes into his mouth. His gummy smile spread across his face and his eyes lit up in sheer delight.

Peter, Donegal