Get young children active at home indoors

  • Play active games like hide and seek and follow the leader.
  • Involve your child in household chores such as tidying up their toys and helping to put away the shopping.
  • Dance to music.
  • Do actions songs and nursery rhymes - do the Hokey Pokey!!
  • Play keepy-up with a balloon.
  • Fill a box with all sorts of safe objects such as wooden spoons, plastic lids, plastic egg cups, small toys, and allow them to empty and refill.
  • Dress up and play act.

girl play dance

Get young children active at home outdoors

  • Play with bubbles, get them to try and burst them.
  • Do some gardening together, watering the flowers or raking leaves.
  • Play chasing games like tag.
  • Kick or roll a ball gently back and forth.
  • Practice riding a tricycle or bike.

                     preschoolers   game chase tag outdoors

 Get young children active in the community

  • Visit the local swimming pool or openwater venue to get them used to water.
  • Plan a trip to the local playground for at least 20 - 30 minutes.
  • Arrange to meet friends in the local play centre.
  • Go to the local forest or park and have a nature walk or treasure hunt
  • Join a active club e.g. sports, scouts

 Dad and girl in pool

Get young children active at preschool

  • Introduce climbing, swinging and sliding activities.
  • Riding tricycles.
  • Chasing and racing (tag, hide and seek, bubbles).
  • Ball activities and kicking and throwing games.
  • Pretend and copycat activities.
  • Obstacle courses.
  • Jumping and hopping activities.
  • Tumbling and turning.
  • Music and movement – rhythm and rhyming 

 boy on running bike   girl play kick ball

I remember taking a photograph the first time my son discovered he could put his toes in his mouth and the look of pure amazement on his face. I was lying beside him on the bed while he was lying on his back touching and grabbing his feet. Then he brought up his tiny, little foot further towards his mouth and suddenly hey presto, he popped his toes into his mouth. His gummy smile spread across his face and his eyes lit up in sheer delight.

Peter, Donegal