Age ActionAge Action Ireland

Age Action Ireland is a charity which promotes positive ageing and better policies and services for older people. The website contains information on older adult rights, their programmes/services and events throughout Ireland. For more information click on the logo above.


Age and OpportunityAge & Opportunity

Age & Opportunity is the national not-for-profit organisation that promotes opportunities for greater participation by older people in society through partnerships and collaborative. For more information click on the logo above.


Dublin Cycling CampaignDublin Cycling Campaign

The DCC is a voluntary group that lobbies local government to get improved cycle facilities, better cyclist safety and more recognition for cyclists in any infrastructure projects. DCC was instrumental in getting the 30kmph speed limit and Dublin Bikes and are working on getting things like a minimum overtaking distance set in legislation. The campaign also does social cycles and events to give members a chance to meet and chat. For more information click on the logo above.


Go for LifeGo for Life

Go for Life is the national programme for physical activity for older people. The website highlights the benefits of physical activity for older people and how you can get involved. Watch and read stories from our network of over 1000 PALs (physical activity leaders) around the country and find out about our small grants scheme.For more information click on the logo above.


Sli na SlainteSlí na Sláinte (Path to Health)

Sli­ na Slainte which means 'Path to Health' encourages people of all ages and abilities to walk for health and leisure more often. The programme is supported by a network of 170 established signposted walking routes nationwide. The Sli­ na Slainte programme also offers Walking Leader Training courses to individuals wishing to set up a walking group in their community or workplace. For more information click on the logo above.

Leisure cycling

The objective of Leisure cycling is to promote cycling at a non-competitive level, helping people get on the bike as well as encouraging those that cycle short distances to bring their cycling to the next level. For more information, visit


‘I pretty much spent my whole adult life in a car, in a chair at the office, or on a couch – being active was for other, more energetic and possibly slightly annoying people.  I was also very overweight, so even the thought of trying to get into any sort of stretchy clothing and move around in front of people was pretty scary - and even to my slight shame I really never did anything much to get out and run around with my son when he was small.  In my mid 30s I sort of got it together weightwise, and on the advice of the Weight Watchers lady, I just started to walk 30 minutes a day.  It sounds very little – but it was amazing how much of a difference it made to how I felt, and how much it helped me to lose weight. It’s hard to explain how starting to be even a little bit active changes you very quickly, even though it’s really hard at the beginning, and you often have to force yourself – really force yourself!  It’s hard when even the little bit you are doing makes you break out in a sweat. It’s hard when you make the HUGE mistake of comparing yourself to others. It’s very hard if you, like I did, spend too much time telling yourself that you’re ‘very unfit’ and ‘this isn’t making any difference’.  But then - your body makes progress remarkably fast – because I think really, deep down, our bodies want to move. We are born wriggly, and you can’t stop most little kids from running around.  Despite having sat on the sidelines for pretty much all my life, feeling pretty awful about how I looked and how unfit I was, just walking for 30 minutes a day changed how I feel forever. I am now very proud of being a pretty active person – even though I am still not a skinny one! I now cycle to work and home again every day, so the exercise doubles as transport, it’s a feeling of freedom from traffic, from stale air in the car – I get to see the city close up, I feel clearer headed, and it also makes a huge difference to my mood and how I react to the normal ups and down of the week. I still don’t look great in stretchy clothes but nothing dents the happiness and even confidence you can create from minding yourself and letting your body do what it wants – deep, deep down underneath the sofa cushions.’

Fidelma, Limerick.