Top Ten Motivation Tips

1. Choose a reason for becoming more active

Ask yourself why are you being active. Do you want to lose weight, sleep better, increase your energy, gain strength, add muscle tone and flexibility, or just feel good? 

2. Choose an activity that you enjoy.

Choose activities you enjoy. Variety is key, if you get bored of one activity try a different one. 

3. Set goals for yourself

Set one main goal for yourself to achieve. Personal achievement will increase the enjoyment for you. This goal needs to be realistic for you. Remember to progress slowly onto the next goal. 

 4. Chart your progress

Record any physical activity you do, so you can see your progress. A pedometer or step counter is a useful device to help you track your activity levels. Why not download an app to help you track your activity.

5. Set rewards for yourself

Once you achieved a goal that you set for yourself it is important to reward yourself for achieving that goal..

6. Try to do some activity most days of the week

Most of us lead very busy lives and are juggling jobs and family duties. Try to set a specific time aside each day for your activity, this will help you to build it into your daily routine.

 7Have your gear to hand

If walking is your chosen activity; leave your shoes by the front door or in your car where you have easy access to them. Have your gear bag packed in the corner, ready to go. 

8. Cope well with lapses in your behaviour

We all have bad days when we don't manage to do our some or all of an activity for one reason or another. Ignore the bad day just try to get back on track the following day. 

9. Get support 

Find a friend who likes walking or jogging. It will make the activity more enjoyable and it will also motivate you to keep a regular schedule. There might be clubs in your area to join, there are even online communities which will encourage you to log and track your progress.

10. Enter a physical activity event

Set yourself a goal, such as completing a 5km walk or jog with friends. organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world, including Ireland. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and registering is easy.

More Ways to Maximize Your Motivation

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