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I manage Terenure Rangers under 12s football team who play in the Dublin and District Schoolboy League (DDSL).  I have been coaching the boys since they were six years old and it’s great fun.  It keeps me relatively fit and hopefully helps to keep me young!  As you can imagine the boys are bundles of manic energy and keeping up with them gets harder especially when I join in for the end of training 5 a side game.  It’s great to see their enthusiasm for football and hopefully I can pass on my love of the game to them.  I’ve been playing football all my life and find it a great way to keep fit, make friends and socialise.  We have had the same group of boys together now for the last six years and they are a great bunch.  I hope that they are all still playing football at some level when they are my age and that they get as much out of playing as I do.

 Maurice, Dublin