Motivating yours kids 

So there is a lot to gain from kids being regularly active, but how do you encourage kids to do it ? The three keys are below

  1. Choosing the right activities for your child's age: If you don't the child might become bored & frustrated 
  2. Giving kids plenty of opportunities to be active: Kids need parents and carers to make activity easy by providing equipment and by taking them to places where they can be active 
  3. Keeping the focus on fun: Kids don't want to do something they don't enjoy. If there not having fun don't force them to take part. Just find something else that they enjoy.

For more ideas where to start check out the Links , Audio/ video and Tools in our Resources section.

Boy skateboard girl playground climbing

group boys swimming pool Girl hula hooping


From a very young age I played competitive sports including Gaelic football, soccer, athletics, badminton, basically anything that was on in my local town of Foxford. When I was in my teens I was lucky enough to have played for mayo on the ladies Gaelic team. I started on the U14s and U16s, then Minor and Senior. The dedication and motivation that was needed was something else. I was playing for a few teams at the same time and kept this going for a few years. Although I loved the sport especially the team element I fatigued and found myself not having the same grá for it that I did when I started. With a heavy heart I gave up playing at that level. So here I am now aged 30. I have tried many different hobbies, from joining a gym, to a game or two of tag rugby to light jogging around my local area but never kept any up consistently. Until this summer when I joined bootcamp in Templeogue. It is the first time since my teens that I go to exercise because I want to and not because I have to. It took me a while to find an exercise that works for me but now I have, I love going every week. I love the mix of jogging, to hard-core exercises, the trainer pushing you to push yourself, to the chats with a new face each week. I find its a great way to de-stress, feel good with the added benefit of a great night sleep afterwards. 

Roisin, Co. Mayo