In a perfect world, we would have lots of free time for being physically active in a 24 hour day. However, sometimes life can be very busy with school, college, work and family. To help and inspire you, we've put together some of our top tips for easy ways to squeeze in a workout. 

At home

  • Turn up the music and have a dance.
  • Put more effort into household chores. You can get a good workout sweeping, gardening or washing windows. The end result? A better looking you and your home!
  • Gardening is a good way to be physically active. 
  • Try balancing or stretching while you brush your teeth or watch TV.
  • Use the ad breaks on the TV to do short bursts of exercise, such as sit-ups, and prevent you sitting in the one place for too long.

At  work

  • Take a walk with your lunch - keep a pair of runners in your car or under your desk at work.
  • Have walk and talk meetings.
  • Stretch in your chair every half hour.
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift.
  • Turn your commute into a work out - Walk, jog or bike to work. Get off your bus or train a few stops earlier, or park the car farther away to extend your walking time.
  • Bike to Work Scheme: Avail of the tax incentive which makes it cheaper to buy a bicycle to cycle to work. Visit bike to work scheme for more information.

In the community

  • Go for a walk in a nearby park or beach.
  • Asking a friend along can help make the activity more enjoyable.
  • Check out your local community centre / school / leisure facility; or our facility search page for updates on classes near you.

Getting active in college

  • Joining a club or society is a good way to make new friends and get active.
  • Commute to college by bicycle, scooter or skateboard.
  • Try fitting in a walk or jog between lectures.


Guidelines for adults with disabilities

Be as active as your ability allows. Aim to meet adult guidelines of at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity on 5 days a week.


  • Some is better than none.
  • Short bouts count, you can reach your 30 minutes 10 times at a time.
  • Choose activities appropriate to your ability. Talk to your doctor about what sort of activity you are able to do.
  • Spread your activities throughout the week.
  • Add activities which increase muscular strength and endurance on 2 – 3 days per week.
  • For more health benefits, increase your activity to 60 minutes of moderate activity 5 days a week.

I bought a bike 5 years ago on the Cycle to Work Scheme in the hopes that I would get a few extra minutes in bed in the morning and not be late for work.  Turns out cycling was my new found love.  I thoroughly enjoy it.  After 2 years I decided I wanted to get a better bike.  I spoke to a family friend who was into sportives and told him I was thinking of upgrading and told him what I wanted.  I didn’t really know what I was looking for but he seemed to know what I wanted!! He rang me a few months later and said he found the perfect racer bike on DoneDeal and did I want to go ahead.  He described the bike as “beautiful” I thought to myself it was unusual to call a bike beautiful.  Turns out the bike is beautiful!!  I then decided to join a triathlon club but cycling is really my favourite part.  This year I have taken part in the Cycle Against Suicide and the Ring of Kerry.  I do still like my few extra minutes in bed which have are a few more now that I a bit faster on the bike!! 

 Muiriosa, Co. Galway