Physical activity for people living with chronic disease

Regular physical activity plays an important role in the management of and secondary prevention for many chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, asthma and osteoporosis. Patients may be concerned about becoming more active. These factsheets provide guidance for patients living with chronic disease who would benefit from becoming more active regularly.

PA Arthritis  Cholesterol Snip PA Heart Disease PA Cancer PA Diabetes

Get Ireland Active - Fact sheet on physical Activity for adults 

 GIA Adult Factsheet

I bought a bike 5 years ago on the Cycle to Work Scheme in the hopes that I would get a few extra minutes in bed in the morning and not be late for work.  Turns out cycling was my new found love.  I thoroughly enjoy it.  After 2 years I decided I wanted to get a better bike.  I spoke to a family friend who was into sportives and told him I was thinking of upgrading and told him what I wanted.  I didn’t really know what I was looking for but he seemed to know what I wanted!! He rang me a few months later and said he found the perfect racer bike on DoneDeal and did I want to go ahead.  He described the bike as “beautiful” I thought to myself it was unusual to call a bike beautiful.  Turns out the bike is beautiful!!  I then decided to join a triathlon club but cycling is really my favourite part.  This year I have taken part in the Cycle Against Suicide and the Ring of Kerry.  I do still like my few extra minutes in bed which have are a few more now that I a bit faster on the bike!! 

 Muiriosa, Co. Galway